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    Dangerous Minds Consulting Partners provides research, development, project and consulting services to Australian state and national sporting organisations in the field of sport education & training.

    Danya Hodgetts BSc (Hons) MBA PhD

    As clever as she is cool Danya is the "Danger" in Dangerous Minds. As adept on a surfboard as she is on a desktop with three monitors, Danya brings an assuming realism to her rigorous pursuit of evidence based learning and development.


    Dan just knows how to get things done, cater for a small army using a Thermomix, read book after book after book, volunteer for Surfing Mums Australia and raise the most delightful trio of kids with her husband Tim.


    LinkedIn: Danya Hodgetts

    Robert Barnes BA GradDip MBA (no, no PhD for me... yet!)

    Rob likes to focus on working on the business rather than in the business and may be distracted by bright shiny things from time to time. Like working on his own pet clients - shout out AusDBF - and researching LMS platforms that will be the backbone of our future plans.


    He likes to bring a brand to life like has done for DM, SOHOrganised Professional Organising Services and his beloved Roaring Forties Boardriders. The brains behind the business model and the apprentice to Danya's mastery Rob is father to two great kids and husband to the world's most organised Nicole Barnes.


    LinkedIn: Robert Barnes

  • Client Case Studies

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    • ASC needed review of the National Coach Accreditation Scheme, National Official Accreditation Scheme (NCAS/NOAS).


    • In 2011, The NCAS/NOAS in its current form had been in place since 2008 (Dangerous Minds have been an external reviewer of NCAS/NOAS courses since 2000). The ASC had undergone a restructure and needed to review the programs it was servicing. 

    Dangerous Minds:

    • developed an online survey
    • ran four focus groups with national sport organisations
    • conducted a desktop analysis of coach and official quality assurance systems internationally
    • interviewed representatives from the equivalent organisations in Canada, NeW Zealand and England.


    • Dangerous Minds analysed the quantitative and qualitative data to identify significant trends and results. The report’s recommendations incorporated significant findings from the current research with relevant industry information.




    • Updating the quality assurance processes of the National Coach Accreditation Scheme, National Official Accreditation Scheme (NCAS/NOAS).


    • Following the review conducted on the NCAC/NOAS by Dangerous Minds 2011-12, the ASC developed a framework development kit and program development kit for National Sports Organisations (NSOs) to support the strategic development of coaching and officiating.

    Dangerous Minds:

    • Contracted to develop a quality assurance process to underpin this process.


    • This project is still underway, but the process is focussed on a consultative and collaborative approach. A pilot program is underway with seven sports to support them through the proposed NCAS/NOAS.




    • DA needed to update their technical manual, which was last published over a decade ago. They had limited resources to print and distribute the manual.


    • Dangerous Minds worked with the National Coaching Committee to draft a new manual structure. The manual included relevant parts from the previous manual and removed readily available content such as material that is covered in the coaching general principles.

    Dangerous Minds:

    • included new content to dig deeper into sport psychology. We also put in a lot of new physiological stuff about breathing and bio-feedback, drawing on current research in similar(ish) sports such as golf and rifle shooting.


    • Dangerous Minds produced the manual as an electronic book, which is available through
    • iTunes and
    • Amazon. This allowed us to include a whole bunch of nice colour photos and some incredibly cool GoPro footage.


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